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This is another in the Civic Media Posters that I designed.

I still think that everyone who wants to live in New Orleans should be as productive as they can manage because if they don’t do what they need to do someone else has to do it and that’s no way to rebuild a city.


One of the things I have found missing from the post-Katrina recovery landscape is a unified media message about the importance of rebuilding and a sense that our efforts are being cheered on by our fellow citizens. I always thought that the World War II US propaganda poster was a good model for creating both a unified message and crafting a consensus. Some would be cautionary, others would exhort citizens to productive measures and still others would be of a celebratory or mission defining nature.

So, I started creating posters. They were on the previous incarnation of this website, and while some of them are clearly post-storm in their focus others tackle larger issues. Some of the issues of the previous posters have been settled for the most part.   Eventually, I’d like to get together a budget to produce these and bring them to the city.