Use the area under the overpass at Canal and Claiborne to build a bus
transfer station.

Currently: The vast majority of RTA bus routes terminate at the corner
of Canal and Basin/Rampart/Loyola. There are no amenities for riders
to keep them from having to wait for buses in the sun and rain. Other
buses that serve riders in the city terminate on the corner of Loyola
and Tulane. The area of the bus stops is run down.

Proposal- Use the area under the overpass at Canal and Claiborne to
consolidate the bus stops into a bus transfer station.


-         Fence the area for security with limited access points on
the ends of the station.

-         Provide Security for the area with both cameras and guards.

-         Install two small kiosks, about the size of a news stand to
sell cold drinks, newspapers and magazines. Use the rents from these
kiosks to defray the costs of security. On special event days local
merchants can be brought in, market style, to provide goods for the
bus passengers.

-         Install a Public Address system to announce the arrival and
departure of the buses.

-         Create a driver’s breakroom with a functioning restroom.

-         Provide ample trash receptacles.

-         Install adequate lighting for security.

-         Install a light colored fabric cover under the overpass to
keep debris off of the passengers and provide a canvas for a series of
decorative color changing LED light fixtures that can be programmed to
respond to special events. (Purple, Green and Gold for Mardi gras, Red
and green for Christmas, Team colors for a superbowl, etc.


-         Would get public transit customers out of the elements while
waiting for their bus.

-         Would encourage reinvestment in both the corners of Canal
and Basin/Rampart and the corner of Canal and Claiborne.

-         Would consolidate the bus waiting areas to facilitate transfers.